Brown Jacket 1As a theological educator exercising my calling and gifting in a missionary context, my teaching ministry has been very much like a stained glass window–fragmented and multi-colored, but I think a beautiful witness to God’s grace. Change is part and parcel to the missionary calling. We dream. We initiate. We empower. We “turn over the keys”. And then we move on to dream again.

For twenty-one years, I had the blessing of ministering through the auspices of the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, until Diane and I were given the privilege of retiring as emeritus missionaries. I am blessed with having invested in the lives of men who are now pastors, teachers and denominational leaders, scattered over the whole of Brazil, and some of whom are serving as foreign missionaries.

Because we believe the “missionary” call is still upon our lives, we have returned to Brazil to continue partnering with churches and seminaries to raise up the next generation of spiritual leaders. These are what I believe will be the three focus points of my future ministry:

1. To continue teaching intensive courses in theology and New Testament in evangelical seminaries, and preaching and teaching at conferences and churches.
2. To leave behind quality books and videos.
3. To build a distance education consortium, allowing seminaries to license courses to/from other seminaries, and promoting a spirit of cooperation among Brazilian seminaries.

God’s calling upon my life:

To participate in the preparation of those who have been called into Christian service, through teaching New Testament, Systematic and Historical theology.

To participate in passing on the apostolic faith to future generations through discipling men and mentoring those who are involved in ministry, especially young pastors.

Specialties: Pauline Epistles and related studies, Systematic and Historical Theology.

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